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Connect employees to Knowledge and your Experts network from Microsoft 365 Teams with your own {today i Learned} BOT

Connect clients to your knowledge assets and managed service Q&A

Add value to your training programmes by connecting employees and experts

Build your Q&A service organically via employee engagement

Develop a reoccurring income stream from your knowledge services

Create a client retention strategy using a BOT service

Promote your services to 4m+ Microsoft 365 Teams business users

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The Challenge

Find Information Faster / Provide Single Source Data  / Preserve Tacit Knowledge


Organisations can potentially save employees 5-8 weeks of productivity, if they can efficiently find knowledge and knowledge experts


Employees could potentially save between four to six hours each week if they didn’t have to search for information—or spend time recreating it


45% of Executives said that retaining tacit knowledge when teams members leave is a priority

What is tiLly and How Can it Help?

How we have extended the Standard Azure Chat BOT Framework

i.  tiLly is a Microsoft 365 Teams Q&A, Knowledge Search and Expert Connector BOT

ii. It is accessed from within an organisation’s M365 Teams tenancy, via the left-hand tile menu

iii. tiLly utilises a number of Microsoft Azure cognitive services, including LUIS (Language Understanding and Intelligence Service), BOT App Service and the QnA Maker Service

iv. It provides organisations with options to build their own specific Q&A knowledge base and provision managed service Q&A knowledge bases from approved partners

v. It provides the client with options to connect to their own content assets and provision the search of managed service assets from approved partners

vi. tiLly is connected to internal experts Teams Channels to support the escalation of questions

vii. The Q&A can be pre-loaded (with anticipated questions and answers) and / or built organically from escalated questions from employees and related answers from experts

viii. tiLly provides analytics to support an organisation’s understanding of knowledge gaps

ix. tiLly provides gamification of the experts network, to promote, reward and assess effectiveness

x. tiLly consolidates knowledge, capturing 1-2-1 Q&A engagements for the benefit of all – 1-2-many

xi. tiLly connects employees to knowledge without them having to know where it is or who the experts are that can support them

i. The ability to connect to more than one Q&A service, facilitating a client’s own specific service and provision of (partner) managed service Q&A’s

ii. The ability for the BOT to search content as well as a Q&A to find a response and widen the knowledge provided relating to the question being asked

iii. The ability to escalate a question and connect to an expert network, if the answer to the question does not satisfy the employee

iv. Allows the experts to answer escalated questions within their own Teams Channel, providing full chat feature access, such as doc attachment, image copying, formatting etc. All of which is retained for future benefit.

v. Organically adds the question-and-answer pairing (including any attached documents, images etc.) to the Q&A knowledge base as a result of a question being escalated to an expert and an expert answering the question

vi. The ability for experts to filter unanswered questions within their Teams Chat channel for ease of processing

vii. The employee can rate the answer to their question, provided by an expert – supporting gamification of the experts network

viii. Full audit log of all engagement with the BOT (questions and answers) maintained to support audit and analysis

i. tiLly can be used for any use-case where Q&A can be built and / or content assets are available to be linked to. Some common use-cases are:

  • Microsoft 365 Upskill
  • Induction and Onboarding
  • Succession Planning
  • Job Role Knowledge
  • Product / Service / Project Support
  • Internal Support (i.e. IT / HR / H&S etc.)
  • Health & Wellbeing Support
  • Policy and Procedure Directives

 i. A Power BI Dashboard (relevant Power BI license is required) is provided, which includes:

  1. Number of questions asked over selected time period
  2. Most prominent employees asking questions
  3. Number of questions escalated to Champions
  4. Number of unanswered escalated questions
  5. Most prominent Champions in respect to number of questions answered
  6. Highest rated Champions
  7. Most common subject matter

ii. A reporting API is also provided

The Microsoft 365 AI and BOT Services tiLly utilises are charged on a consumption basis, basically the more questions / engagements with the BOT the more the service costs. tiLly has been packaged to remove the complexity of these services, providing organisations with monthly question bands for a fixed budget. The bands are, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000 questions per month.

Pricing is dependent on which band and which managed services are commissioned. The base level BOT includes a managed Microsoft 365 Q&A service and access to Microsoft 365 Apps digital videos (on average 1-3 minute how-to videos of most App features within Microsoft 365).

The question licensing band is per organisation and is not linked to users – note, because tiLly is a Microsoft 365 Teams BOT, anyone wishing to utilise the BOT will require access to the Microsoft Teams environment within which it is deployed.

If the license band threshold is reached during the month the BOT will be on automatically put on hold and the organisation’s administrator will be notified to either upgrade to the next band or remain on hold until the next month triggers release. This protects the organisation from exceeding monthly budgets.

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i. All communication data between the BOT and user is stored.

ii. The following system-relevant data is stored: tenant id, business name, contact details. For the user, username, anonymous user id, questions asked and answers provided, including any images and attachments.

iii. Only employees of tilly group limited have data access to the servers, which is necessary for the operation and maintenance of the software.

iv. All users, commissioned within an organisation’s Teams environment and who are allowed access to the BOT via individual organisational App access policies, will be able to engage and view data communicated by the BOT.

v. All data is stored over the period of use. After the end of use, all ID data is deleted and the usage data is anonymised.

vi. All communication and data transmission between the tiLly BOT and the user / organisation is SSL encrypted.

vii. Data storage and software hosting takes place in the UK Microsoft GDPR-compliant Azure Data Centres.    

viii. For security and business continuity reasons, all data is backed-up and stored within UK Microsoft GDPR-compliant Azure Data Centres.

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Connect employees to Knowledge and your Experts network from Microsoft 365 Teams with your own tiLly {today i Learned} BOT

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