365Tribe include a Teams BOT in their M365 Champions Programme

How a Microsoft Teams BOT can add value to a managed service

A Microsoft Teams BOT supports digital champions programmes delivered  by 365Tribe. The tiLly {today i Learned} Teams BOT is branded as the “Champ BOT” to support their brand and links 365Tribes Q&A and digital video content to Champions and employees, at the point of need.

The YourChampions programme is designed exclusively to create a standalone, managed service to help organisations build, deliver, sustain and grow a highly effective network of Digital Champions.

The Champ BOT adds value in number of ways:

  • Provides a 24/7 Q&A service
  • Connects employees to the Champions in Microsoft Teams
  • Allows employees to access a managed M365 Q&A service
  • Allows 365Tribes video content to be suggested as part of the answer
  • Facilitates a continual service connection to centrally managed / updated Q&A and video content
  • Allows clients to build their own contextual Q&A to supplement a central service
  • Supports their client retention model
  • Generates additional revenue
  • Opens up a new channel to market – The BOT is available in the Microsoft Teams Marketplace, with a 30-day free trial

Read their case study below to review how the BOT helped address their challenges and added value to their managed service provision.

Download Here

Download a 30-day free trial of tiLly

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