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Microsoft Teams Q&A Chat BOT Launches in Marketplace

tiLly {today i Learned} Microsoft Teams BOT

tiLly {today i Learned} is a Microsoft Teams Q&A Chat BOT with content search and expert collaboration built-in. It has been approved and is available for download from the Microsoft Teams marketplace, with a free 30-day trial.

tiLly can link to both internal and managed-service resources, facilitating multiple use-cases from a single BOT – Onboarding, Microsoft 365 Upskilling, HR, H&S, Product / Project Launch, IT Support etc.

Become a tiLly partner and include a BOT in your managed service provision to add value in supporting connection to your knowledge, information and training content, from within Microsoft Teams – see example partner case study

tiLly is provided with Microsoft 365 Q&A and digital “how to” video content to support employee M365 upskill – click here for more information

In addition to providing connection to knowledge, tiLly organically builds Q&A from the engagements between employees and experts. This adds further value by ensuring 1-2-1 interactions benefit all and tacit knowledge is extracted from subject matter experts into a central knowledge base.

A Microsoft Teams Q&A Chat BOT supports efficient and productive information management for individual companies and partner managed services. Check out page-2 of the infographic. 

Download Microsoft Teams tiLly BOT

Download tiLly on a 30-day trial, with M365 Q&A and digital videos
Download tiLly

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