Tilly Licence Models

The tiLly {today I Learned} BOT connects employees to knowledge from within Microsoft Teams. It can link to both company-specific Q&A and content knowledge bases, in addition to commissioned managed-service provided Q&A and content.

Furthermore, tiLly facilitates escalation to a company’s champion network that organically builds Q&A knowledge bases, leveraging 1-2-1 engagements for the benefit of 1-2-many.

The tiLly {today i Learned} Teams BOT utilises a number of Microsoft Azure AI and cognitive services, which are consolidated into a central service to provision a solution that is underpinned by Microsoft’s leading-edge tech, provides a continual development roadmap and harnesses the security and governance protocol standards included with Microsoft Azure.

tiLly simplifies the licensing in utilising the Azure AI and Cognitive services to provide a pricing model based on tangible outputs – fixed monthly bandings based on number of questions asked of the BOT, with unlimited user license1.

Such a model provides assurance that the consumption costs of the Azure services utilised by tiLly will not exceed the budget allocated. If the monthly budget is reached before the end of the calendar month the administrator will be notified and tiLly will kindly inform users that capacity has been reached. If such an occurrence is experienced this may suggest that tiLly is providing extended value and there is the option to upgrade to the next banding.

The analysis included will provide insight as to how tiLly is being utilised – which users / areas of the business are engaging most, how the Champions / Experts are performing and which subject matters require the most user support.


1 User / Employee access and utilisation of the BOT requires a Microsoft Teams license for the Tenant within which it is deployed.

2 Annual contract commitment with monthly question limits.

Contracts can be upgraded within the contract period.

Contracts cannot be downgraded within the contract period.

All prices quoted are GBP and exclude any relevant taxation.

3 Champion and Engagement Programmes require commissioning of additional services