Use of bots reduces action steps to information from 6 to 1

TiLly BOT connects to partner knowledge services from Microsoft Teams

tiLly helps address common partner challenges

The tiLly BOT connects to partner managed knowledge services from Microsoft Teams, addressing a number of common challenges…

  • Once the training / delivery programmes are completed, which in the main deliver skills into relatively small percentage of employees for an organisation , how do you connect the people who have been upskilled (the champions / experts) to employees so they are able to provide support?
  • How do all employees (and not just the trained ones) access the content provided through your training programmes?
  • How do you keep the organisation, champions and employees up-to-date on evolving subject matter, such as Microsoft 365?
  • Commercially, how do you support your client retention model after the training programmes have been completed, where organisations have not signed-up for any additional services?
  • How can you generate a reoccurring revenue stream from the knowledge your training programmes provide?
  • How do you maintain and raise your profile to all employees within the organisations you have delivered your training programmes to?
  • How do you raise your profile to a wider audience that has not commissioned your services but who utilise Microsoft 365 Teams for their day-to-day work collaboration portal?

The tiLly BOT is available in Microsoft marketplace – meaning it can be downloaded straight into Teams by any organisation wishing to utilise a learner assist BOT and as part of this, it comes pre-loaded with the Microsoft 365 managed services, provided by 365Tribe.

TiLly can be white labelled and can be linked to any / multiple Q&A and content services, as well as linking to a champions / experts channel to support escalation of further information requests. 

Including a BOT as part of your managed service provision not only addresses the challenges listed, but also provides a Microsoft Teams user interface to your services that delivers the ‘in the flow of work’ experience for your clients.

The infographic below, presents further value and positioning.

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